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Daily close out

Daily close out

Postby tmbutitta » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:40 pm

What are those doing for daily close outs and month end close outs?

I am looking for an easy process to consolidate the cash drawer, deposits, CC purchases and complete all necessary checks and balances.

thanks for any help!
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Re: Daily close out

Postby ricmorin » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:33 pm

Month end closings happen automatically.

As for daily, it depends on what your process is. Here is our list....

1. Accounting: Balances Due (for office to keep an eye on receivables)
2. Accounting: Cash Rec. by Payment (for entry into QB)
3. Accounting: Deleted Orders (keep staff honest)
4. Accounting: Deleted Payments (see above)
5. Accounting: Discount Summary ( for office to track what we give away)
6. Accounting: Invoice Profit Summary ( to track SW profitability)
7. Accounting: Posted Orders (track and attach with #2)
8. Inventory: Committed Parts by Part Number ( ask Dan Johnson :D )
9. Inventory: Inventory Part Sales (to compare to inventory and add QOH if needed)
10. Inventory: Low Inventory by Part Number (use to confirm counts on low inventory)
11. Inventory: Low Inventory by Vendor (use to create PO's for inventory ordering)
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