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Different Colors For Notes On Work Orders?

Different Colors For Notes On Work Orders?

Postby steven kiser » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:16 am

Have been running into an issue where notes I add to tech sheets, final orders or customers notes on orders are being overlooked. On a few other systems not anything to do with auto or truck repair when I want something to stand out I have an option of changing the color on that item so it can be picked up on easily. If I want to jot down a note for a tech, service writer or customer to see I could highlight and change color. I'm hoping I can do something to change the structure of the service writing system so if I key up a specific heading a pre selected color will show and print making it a lot easier to see.

More and more customers are calling or dropping in questioning things that hey are missing on the order and some are thinking they didn't get any other discounts or promised zeroed out labor charges. I will make note of all labor, sublet, parts, discounts we offer or promise so it will be recorded in the customer folder for all to see especially me when I'm looking back for any past work or parts I had deleted or adjusted the amount on. A few times I not only shoved a foot in my mouth it feels like a whole locker room full.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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