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Manager 5.9 News: No More Password Extensions

Manager 5.9 News: No More Password Extensions

Postby timbre4 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:26 pm

Important Manager 5.9 news:

The LAST Manager 5.9 lease extension password is upon us. The password provided in October, 2016 was literally the last one possible in this version of the 5.9 program and we are unable to add any new ones to it. Users still on 5.9 must run their update discs now and in the future. If their subscription is for Manager SE, but they are still running 5.9, please encourage them to upgrade to SE ASAP. If for the time being, they must continue to use 5.9 because they have older computers or some other valid reason, please try to educate them that running the disc is the only way to extend the timeout.

It's going to be a potentially difficult transition for all of us in January when customers that wait for the lease extension at the last minute get their 5.9 program shut off. Let’s work together and be proactive about this now to avoid as much of that potential commotion as possible.
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