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Re: Migration 5.9.x to SE 6.x - MUST Create a User

Re: Migration 5.9.x to SE 6.x - MUST Create a User

Postby timbre4 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:45 am

NOTICE: If you are planning on migrating from 5.9.5.x shop management to SE 6.x, you need to know the following:

1. User List settings (names created by user in 5.9.x) are not part of the migration process; your SE will start off with Default User
2. The process to Create a User has changed, it is now handled from Setup - Program Security screen.

The process is still fairly simple, it just occurs in a different screen.

Create a User (to retain screen preferences to one or more names)

It is covered as part of the SE WIP Screen video located here: ... /SE03.html

I also created this self-running video excerpt to show how: ... tionid=182
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