How to delete duplicate Contacts belonging to other location

How to delete duplicate Contacts belonging to other location

Postby M1EnterpriseTech » Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:30 am

Some shops with an Enterprise/Head Office location are finding duplicate Contacts that appear under "this location" that belong to another location when performing a search.

This creates clutter in the search results list of contacts, and may cause some confusion as a result. Please read below for more information:


Can the unassociated Contacts be deleted from the location if it belongs to another location?


If the location controlling the Contact deletes it at their location, the Contact will be deleted from the Enterprise location too. However, it will not be deleted from any other location that might also have the unassociated Contact appearing in their search result.

If a location other than the location that controls the Contact deletes a Contact, then the Contact will only be deleted at that location and there is no other impact throughout the Enterprise.

Note: This also applies to Service Items as well.
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