Add Calculated Column for Cost Per Unit in report

Add Calculated Column for Cost Per Unit in report

Postby M1EnterpriseTech » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:20 pm

To add a calculated column to show a Cost Per Unit amount as a new column in the Inventory Dead Stock report go to:

    Reports from the home ribbon
    All Reports from left panel
    Inventory Dead Stock - double click to open
    Execute from ribbon
    Calculated Columns from ribbon
    Column Name = type Cost Per Unit
    Column Header= type Cost per Unit
    Data Type = System.Int32 ( If not already entered, select using drop down arrow)
    Format = Leave blank
    In the Formula window type exactly as you see here in yellow font: [Cost]/[Quantity]
    Click Add button
    Click Ok

You will now see a new column in your Inventory Dead Stock report called Cost Per Unit with Cost divided by Quantity Total
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