Discussion of migration from legacy 5.9 to SE 6.x

Postby sbcauto » Tue Apr 21, 2015 12:40 pm

does anyone know what changes there are between 6.5.54 and 6.5.57. does anyone who have loaded it have any problems?
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Postby Silky7 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 1:01 pm

Go the Home Screen of your Management software and you'll see a button labelled "What's new in this release?" That will take you to the highlights of the changes.
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Postby ricmorin » Tue Apr 21, 2015 1:07 pm

Changes since version 6.5.54
V 6.5.57
Updated Canned Jobs Dialog:
Now able to transfer multiple canned jobs to RO using Ctrl + Left Mouse Click, or by checking check boxes, or using keyboard (shift + arrow keys) Items selected remain selected until manually unselected (clearing or searching again will not unselect items)

Dialog is now resizeable
Grid column headers are now click-able to change sorted field (and sort direction)
Database Restore Utility will now update DMV version of database after backup restored
Transferring items from Catalogs (Estimator, P.O.s) no longer matches parts based on the size (prevents issues finding an Inventory item if the size text was changed)
Handle rounding when multiple taxes applied to order
Corrected order total sometimes rounding off by one cent in reports
Report Changes:
Updated Tech Hours report new column "Effective" displays the effective rate per labor, technician effective labor rate, and overall effective labor rate
Updated Taxable Order by Tax Category Report to handle large databases without timing out

V 6.5.56
Improved error handling when launching Manager:
If host database is not reachable when starting application, will now show a helpful error message indicating the connection problem.
The refresh button will try to re-establish the connection; otherwise, there is also the ability to change your Host/Database (in the case the host name may have changed)

Using 3 digits of precision for technician rate calculations
Expanded maximum amount of catalog buttons available for use to 15
Report Improvements:
Tech Pay Hours report will now show all technicians correctly when Repair Orders, having vehicles with multiple custom attributes, are present
Improved speed of generating Customer Email by Last Name Report (should no longer time out on slow hosts)
Added new report: Est w/o Hrs-Part No
Removed overlapping text on Florida Inv with Hours/No Rev Data report
Fixed issue with some invoice reports incorrectly showing a $.01 balance due
Removed duplicated labor lines from Tech Worksheet

Added new Setup option to hide estimates from Schedule (Setup -> Screen View -> 'Show Estimates in Schedule')
Order Grid Now includes "Size" column
Deleting an Inventory items behaves as expected, removing it from parts inventory
Handle negative quantities correctly when editing a part on order
The committed quantity decrements correctly when posting invoices
The quantity on-hand for inventory parts increments with negative quantities

New (blank) orders, no longer switch vehicle when viewing Historical orders and going back to order tab
History Search, invoice tab now has a posted date filter for locating history by date
Optionally, the date filter search may be saved for the next time history search opens

I am having no problems with 6.5.57.
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