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Thanks Again

Thanks Again

Postby steven kiser » Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:35 am

I didn't now where to post this because I wanted the best place so it could be read over and over by many. I had to call the tech support group yesterday and I just want to give you a brief description of how I am and what people are up against. I sit down and look for the number to call on the management page. Looking, looking, looking and after many incoming calls and distractions I finally find the number and call it. I never listen to the prompts especially if I'm informed they have changed going right to 0 or whatever the first I hear that makes sense to me. Sometimes I go right to accounting because I think they will answer quick to get paid. Usually by now I'm a bit testy because I've been trying to deal with an issue for days and when I'm put on hold it's been for days.

Stands to reason, right, even though I've only been on hold for about 30 seconds I have days of frustration that support owns. First person that answers doesn't even get to finish saying hello and I'm throwing all sorts of questions at him about how to solve my problem. The person I'm speaking at isn't in the technical office where I need to be. Instead of just forwarding me he asks me jot down some information I may need if I get disconnected and even after that explains he's going to transfer me and follow me on his end so if I do get dropped he will still be there to guide me along. We get to where I need to be and after he's sure a good bye is swapped and he's gone.

The "new" guy listens to my issue and then asks if he can if he can use the, whatever it is allowing him to take over and goes through a bunch of what ever they (people who know how to) do to make it work. Only a few times I moved the arrow to look at something and I think I may have screwed something up but nothing was made of it. After a few minutes I got what I needed to get done done and am happy it's working. Most of all and I truly mean this what I'm most happy with is having a program that has by far the best group of people I've dealy with in solving issues. The mush on the line was me and I was handled in a way where I calmed right down. Intentional or not it worked and isn't the first time with Mitchell and hopefully not the last. Thanks Again ........................................................
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Re: Thanks Again

Postby Tim Martin » Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:20 pm

I would echo the sentiments of Steve's post also. In my garage business, I at times need to contact technical support from a company I do business with. And, I must admit, Mitchell 1 has some of the best technical support it is possible to have. The only other company I deal with that has excellent technical support for our level is Jasper. These two companies are tremendously good at what they do an have a support that is unmatched in the industry.

Many thanks to the support guys!!!!!!!!!!! We greatly do appreciate your contribution to converting what could be a bad day into a good day!!!!!!!
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Re: Thanks Again

Postby Johnny5 » Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:49 pm

Thanks guys, our tech support group is constantly looking at ways to be more efficient and very much appreciate the accolades. I will pass them on.


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