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Vehicle History Reports - please help

Vehicle History Reports - please help

Postby GUYSSERVICE » Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:39 am

I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm having a difficult time printing out vehicle history reports. Our shop is a used car dealer as well as a repair shop. All of our used car work is done under a company name "used cars LLC". Before a car is sold the salesman would go to the history tab for that particular vehicle and hit the print button. He could then do his cost outs and price the car. In SE 7.0.11 that feature does not appear to be working for us. History looks the same as it did in 5.9 but when print is selected I just get the spinning circle that Windows 7 does when it's working on something. If I don't touch the mouse it will stay that way forever. At least 5 to 10 minutes or until I move the mouse or get tired of looking at it. During that time everything is nonfunctional. If I try to click on anything the screen grays and the only thing available to be clicked on is the red X to close the program. Any other area the the screen I click I get a "Shopstream Extensble Framework is not responding" error window. Due to the number of vehicles that would be reported and the fact that some vehicles have invoices spreading more than a month, using the reports function for "customer and vehicle summary" would too messy. Is there something I'm doing wrong or a incorrect setting. I only know that in 5.9 it was fast and seamless. Since we have switched to SE the salesman has to print all of the history one invoice at at time and add up totals which is a huge waste of time and paper. In 5.9 the vehicle license number was the stock number and the vin was the vin. With the new vin look up I now delete the vin from the vin field after deciding and put it in the memo field and the stock number is put in the unit field. The reason for this is we work on a lot of the sold vehicles when any warranty work needs to be done which is a different company "used car warranty" and then as customer pay when the new owners return for maintenance. I tried using one vehicle for a test vehicle that had four invoices in history and replaced the vin and plate numbers to see if that was the problem but had the same results. We are using Windows 7 pro and Manager SE . Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Vehicle History Reports - please help

Postby Johnny5 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:13 pm


This problem is unfortunately beyond the scope of this forum. Please contact tech support and have them obtain a copy of the database so Mitchell 1 can do an analysis.

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Re: Vehicle History Reports - please help

Postby artadot » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:09 am

We are a used car dealer as well as a repair shop. We keep a file folder for each vehicle with the bill of sale, carproof, repair invoices, anything that pertains to that particular vehicle. That might be an option for you. We are required to do this for auditing purposes but it also makes it easier for the salesman to access all information regarding a particular vehicle. I have an account set up called Current Sales Vehicles, I put the stock code in the license field and the vin in the vin field, once the vehicle is sold I put the vin in the memo field so I can add the vin to the new customer, then I transfer the vehicle to an account called Sold Sales Vehicles. I hope this helps. There are programs you can use to track vehicle costs, etc. We use a program provided by SynergyPro called Evolution. I have 7.0.11, I tried printing a repair history for a vehicle with just 4 invoices, it took a few minutes to generate but I was able to do it, so maybe there is an issue with your program, maybe a call to tech support can fix that.
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