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NEWS: Mitchell 1 Chooses SureCritic for SocialCRM

NEWS: Mitchell 1 Chooses SureCritic for SocialCRM

Postby timbre4 » Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:32 am

Mitchell 1 Chooses SureCritic for SocialCRM™

POWAY, Calif. – Jan. 10, 2012 – Mitchell 1 announces it has partnered with SureCritic, a provider of reputation management that rates and reviews products and services to the automotive industry, and has integrated SureCritic’s suite of products into its new SocialCRM™ offering. Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM provides industry leading customer retention and new customer acquisition services, and now with the addition of SureCritic, best-in-class reputation management and social engagement services.

“Mitchell 1 is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and affordable suite of customer relationship marketing products and services; adding SureCritic’s product set to our SocialCRM offering is an extension of this philosophy,” said David Niemiec, general manager, Mitchell 1 SocialCRM.

SureCritic helps power several key features of Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM including:

Ratings and Reviews:
The Ratings and Reviews module allows a shop’s customers to provide ratings and reviews based on their service experience. Repair shops can set up automated low score alerts and respond to reviews in real-time. Customer status is checked for all completed reviews. Studies have shown that customers with a verified status of transacting with the business will rate businesses higher (in some studies as much as 60 percent) than reviews where customer status is not verified. Reviews with a verified status are automatically posted to the repair shops Business Review Page (BRP), helping improve their search visibility for both their BRP and their own business website.

Business Review Page:
Customer reviews are posted to the repair shop’s specific ratings and review website, which is optimized to search on the repair shop’s name. Ratings and reviews are posted individually and with an aggregate rating score, allowing prospective customers to see how well the repair shop is doing over time. Business responses are also posted to their BRP, right next to the review for which they are providing the response. The ability to respond allows the repair shop to be a part of the conversation instead of sitting on the sidelines reading what people are writing. The Business Review Page contains the relevant business contact information and a section telling more about the business. There is also a badge generator that helps the business link out to their BRP from other sites.

Social Engage:
Shop owners and managers have enough on their plate just keeping business coming in through the door. Add social media requirements for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as well as managing a Google Places page and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Social Engage uses technology to automate the process by proactively asking for Facebook “likes”, Google+, Twitter followers and reviews on Google Places. Customers choose their level of engagement without the constant barrage of messaging. Social Engage also allows review takers to Tweet their review or push it out to their wall on Facebook. Because businesses want to Tweet reviews, we’ve made it easy for them to Tweet both reviews and responses. They can also post them to their Facebook business page in one easy step.

With ReScore, shops can ask for a follow-up review once they’ve had the opportunity to resolve a customer concern. ReScore is a patent pending functionality designed to show customers and prospects how effectively a business responds to and resolves customer concerns. Businesses get upset customers. That’s no secret. The mystery is “what happens next?” How the concerns are handled is the true measuring stick of a business that cares. ReScore helps its clients unlock the mystery and tell the world they care.

“We are excited about our relationship with Mitchell 1,” said David Brondstetter, SureCritic’s CEO. “Combining SureCritic’s ratings and reviews products with Mitchell 1’s industry leading CRM products provides
Mitchell 1 clients with a best-in-class SocialCRM product that is second to none.”

For more information on Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM program, visit or call 800-410-0529.

About Mitchell 1
Headquartered in Poway, California, Mitchell 1 has been the industry standard for quality repair information, estimating and management solutions to the motor vehicle industry for over 90 years. The Mitchell 1 family of products includes a complete line of integrated auto, medium and heavy truck online repair information designed to improve productivity and profitability. With the introduction of ProDemand™, Mitchell 1 will revolutionize the way technicians repair vehicles. Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM™ is the marketing solution that will help shops retain their current customers and acquire new ones in order to improve their bottom line profits. In addition, Mitchell 1 provides repair information to the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market and transactional level data and insight to multiple industries that conduct business in the automotive marketplace. Mitchell 1 is a recipient of the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence award. For more information on Mitchell 1 products and services, visit the company’s website at

About SureCritic
A Seattle, Washington based company; SureCritic was founded on the belief that not all reviews are created equal. At SureCritic, our mission is to help businesses tell the true story of their customer's experiences and to provide them with the tools necessary to be a part of the conversation. As a result, our clients benefit from improved credibility and a better online reputation. When browsing reviews online, look for the "Verified by SureCritic" logo; providing our assurance that this is an actual customer review! Reviews are here to stay. Now, the only real differentiator is believability. Let SureCritic show you how we can help. Press calls, please contact our director of marketing at 714-757-1958 or e-mail Visit us online at
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