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Postby edwardsz » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:03 pm

Hi All, I don't see a report available to track Technician Average Repair Order (TARO). TARO is a very useful report which shows the total dollar amount of discovered services for a vehicle, on average. Once this number is available one can calculate the closing rate of the service advisor. With these numbers you can easily determine if a technician isn't performing solid inspections, which puts the shop at great risk. We can also pinpoint quickly where our problem is if we develop a problem. This report seems like it would be easy to generate-simply add up the dollar amount of all the revisions created. This number should be calculated on a "per vehicle" basis, then we could run reports on it all day long. The reports we need are TARO for each tech, TARO for each car, closing rate for each advisor, and closing rate for the shop as a whole. Please help!
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Postby timbre4 » Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:46 am

Thanks for posting to the forum.

Shops use Revisions a lot of different ways, some of which could conflict with this idea. (storing LOF or other repeat service info in Sub-Est. 9 or similar) Further, the Revision screen itself lacks the means to flag unsold, sold or declined work. While service advisor (Written By) assignments may differ for each Sub--Estimate slot on the Revision screen, once transferred to the Order screen, they all inherit the Written By and technicians assigned on the Order screen.
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