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Building and Stocking Transmissions

Building and Stocking Transmissions

Postby mljones » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:26 pm

We are trying to find a way to build transmissions for stock with purchased parts from a vendor with parts and labor in the can job, and add these units to our inventory and have mitchell track usage. Each part has a specific serial # with a different cost on each unit built. We have found no way in Mitchell to use inventory to track stock and usage. For example if our most popular unit is part# T1234AA with a specific serial# either in the part# or description field when you look at sales history for that part# it only shows 1 of each part#. Not helpful when you have built hundreds of these over the years.

Would like to know if anyone else is fighting this problem or has found a solution.
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Re: Building and Stocking Transmissions

Postby timbre4 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:19 am

Most management systems appear to work in the same fashion; SINGULAR part #, description, vendor, cost, sell price etc. for all sales. The unique cost per unit -simultaneously stocked- *and* the unique serial # are not typically addressed in a linear fashion. I'm unclear about your Canned Job *also* containing parts, along with what was using in rebuilding a unit? Perhaps these are different from the internals. The labor is installation and not the actual rebuilding right? [thinking that is part of your unit cost figure]

In any event, here are some thoughts:

1. Since the cost varies for each unit and has a unique serial, this would dictate separate part records for each unless you can establish and accept using an average cost. This has an obvious effect on reporting options that might be offset by the use of more specific Category options (4T80E 4x2, 4T80E 4x4, etc.) to report on them in that fashion. (Category is measured in dollars but dividing units from that wouldn't be too hard)

2. The use of Alternate Part function can create a relationship between the units and present them together at time of sale; this combined with a deliberate approach in part numbering in Manager SE could work as follows:

a) The unit part number begins with type (4T60E) then - then cost (575) then - then date? (whatever you want to know) = 4T60E-575-061417

b) Open Alternate Part and enter 4T60E (or similar) for grouping units; when the Alt Part is entered in the Part Item Entry screen it will list ALL units that carry that same Alt Part. (we'll get to Canned Jobs in a minute)
Manager SE part # >>> SE Alt Part #
4T60E-575-061417 === 4T60E
4T60E-525-053117 === 4T60E
4T60E-450-110816 === 4T60E
4T60E-550-031617 === 4T60E

NOTE: If you want the serial # to appear on the invoice, enter that in the Description field.

For selecting these from Canned Jobs, add them to a Part Kit with all prompts turned ON to force selection of a unit. If you use the part numbering criteria above, you can see what you've got invested and how long it's been on the shelf. (I can show you the part kit steps involved if need be)

3. Canned Job would be built to contain the installation labor, notes and any additional parts (candidate for parts kit with prompts for options if this varies)
4T60E (car, truck, whatever) Canned Job:
a) detail the labor and any sublet and/or notes
b) any ancillary parts for install
c) attach 4T60E UNITS part kit (all prompts turned on so it will present them in a list for you to select one)

Time of sale:
1. Select customer / vehicle
2. Select Canned Jobs - Transfer 4T60E
3. Part Kit window displays all units for selection
4. Check the box for the unit you want and click OK.
5. The customer invoice now included the Canned Job with the unit you selected for this sale.

NOTE: Canned Job Usage report would report all these in the general sense, unit variations within.
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