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NACE/CARS July 2015 Unleashing Shop Mgmt - Manager SE

NACE/CARS July 2015 Unleashing Shop Mgmt - Manager SE

Postby timbre4 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 8:08 am

NEWSFLASH: We will also be featured at NACE / CARS in Detroit on July 22nd, 2015 with a 90 minute class:
Shop Management Unleashed - Optimizing Repair Shop Efficiency with Mitchell 1's Manager SE:

Read all about it here: ... unleashed/
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Re: NACE/CARS July 2015 Unleashing Shop Mgmt - Manager SE

Postby steven kiser » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:48 am

Congratulations. Don't really understand what this is but anytime something is published or produced using another product as a driver or any other way of assisting it says a lot about that product. You guys at Mitchell put in a lot of time and effort developing and maintaining a great product and every level I've dealt with over the years has proven itself to be superior and so used friendly. Again being repetitive, my biggest selling point for anything at this level is the support behind it. In all the times I've dealt with Mitchell support (it's been many, many, many times) I've only been disappointed once. It was an issue where the answer to my problem was in how my PC was set up and the support tech wouldn't use log me in to rectify it. He spent a lot of time trying to explain to me how to do it but it was like trying to teach a rock how to swim. I had a friend of mine swing by and do it. Took about 10 minutes and it was fixed. I guess since Mitchell had readily solved all my problems with the program before (and since) I was a bit pissed. Totally understood why he wouldn't / couldn't go into my computer to repair my issue and I could actually sense his aggravation in not being allowed to do it. If this is the only issue I can think of that I've had with Mitchell and it continues to be so then I should thank my lucky stars. Again, congratulations and this is just another star on the wall for you guys at Mitchell.
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