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ProDemand Not Included Anymore?

ProDemand Not Included Anymore?

Postby nickscarcare » Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:50 pm

I just received a letter saying my charge with Mitchell is going up because they are now including Prodemand. I was told it was a free feature.
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Re: ProDemand Not Included Anymore?

Postby timbre4 » Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:26 pm

You still have ProDemand; please allow me to clarify what is actually changing.

We have been including SureTrack as a free PREVIEW module within ProDemand for the past 18 months. The "Preview" is being phased out and that text will be removed.
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This time has been spent: A) developing tighter integration between ProDemand repair and SureTrack experience based information and B) determining how best to include SureTrack to new and existing ProDemand customer subscriptions.

The marketing plan was approved as follows:

1. Starting in July 2014, NEW ProDemand / ShopKeyPro sales would have a new monthly payment $10.00 per month more.

2. Starting in September 2014, we would begin to phase in the $10 change for EXISTING customer subscriptions. (approx. 2500 customers in each phase)

The July 31st, 2014 letter that I believe you are referring to, references the increase as SureTrack is becoming standard equipment and lists the ProDemand improvements and SureTrack advantages.
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