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Diffs, Pinions, and axles

Diffs, Pinions, and axles

Postby hendersonauto » Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:31 pm

Is it really so hard to add one word to the FRONT or REAR to the parts of labor description on axle, pinions, or differentials. Seem to be that most of the time you have to be a super sleuth to figure out what one is being referenced. Suspension is divided to front and rear, Axles should be as well. That would save time and headaches. And believe me I have other things that are working on making the headaches. So no help I that department is needed.
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Re: Diffs, Pinions, and axles

Postby timbre4 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:16 pm

The Enhancement Requests section is primarily about Manager SE, which transfers the reference data in question from ProDemand. Manager SE can only transfer what is presented within the Estimator.

Front & Rear designations for these components implies 4 wheel drive vehicles; I've taken a quick look at a few vehicles (Ford & Chev trucks) and cannot locate any examples. I can relay the message to Estimator labor editorial, they will certainly ask for examples. I do see Axle Shafts versus Differentials & Drive Axles which may account for some division? Please share a few examples and I can proceed.
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