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Launch of Time Clock for Mobile Manager Pro

Launch of Time Clock for Mobile Manager Pro

Postby MRISICH » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:20 am

BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY launches Time Clock for Mobile Manager Pro

Auto Repair Shop Owners have been given a much needed tool with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s latest update, “Time Clock” for Mobile Manager Pro. Utilizing this feature will accurately credit technicians with their actual labor time. Keeping track of technicians’ labor time is essential for running productivity reports and managing a shop’s overall labor margin.

“Labor time efficiency is a crucial component of a shop’s productivity,” Founder & CEO Mike Risich explained. “It is important to know how long a job is billed for, and how long it takes for the technician to complete it. To help shops with this process, we have integrated the time clock feature into our Mobile Manager Pro software.”

Technicians can now clock in and out of assigned labor items from the tablet they use to perform digital inspections. Each work order displayed in Mobile Manager will contain a clock icon. From here, technicians can clock into one or all of the line items on a work order. In addition, other technicians can be clocked into other line items on the same work order. It can be difficult to track labor time in a busy shop. This feature will provide an accurate record.

“As more shop owners incorporate our mobile technology - like tablets - into their shop operations, we constantly seek to improve processes,” stated Frank Dragoni, Director of National Sales & Corporate Partnerships. “The time clock has been one of the most requested features from our customers. This moves shops towards drastically increasing revenue through efficient operations.”

Once the technician clocks out, the time recorded is automatically transferred back into the shop management system (SMS). The time spent clocked in will show as the technicians’ “actual hours.” When using the time clock for jobs on the same work order, the time punched in is divided between labor items. Time is divided according to each labor item’s billed time.

Time Clock adds another layer of depth to the already robust Mobile Manager Pro software which replaces traditional tech worksheets, paper inspections and inaccuracies from sloppy writing.

We will be demonstrating this, and other features from the full BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY lineup at the Mitchell 1 Workshop in Atlantic City.
Michael Risich
Founder & CEO


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