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Scheduler 7.0.3 Update

Re: Scheduler 7.0.3 Update

Postby Bill Coniam » Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:26 am

Johnny5 wrote:

This "state" only helps if: 1) you hover over the screen and 2) you go into the appointment and manually set it.

The old scheduler "automatically" changed from estimate to RO upon arrival then to Invoice upon completion, allowing us to - at a glance - understand the workload. :(
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Re: Scheduler 7.0.3 Update

Postby timbre4 » Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:17 am

Bill Coniam wrote:Well-responded Tim. Good management.
I must add that I can feel the pain of that last contributor, almost line for line. In his defense, we here believe that whoever designed this scheduler must have been a dental hygienist or something :-)
It is very frustrating to no longer be able to load my shop (or avoid overloading my shop) since the scheduler no longer comes close to what we need in the real world
Respectfully, Bill

Thanks Bill, I take all customer reports of support agent issues seriously. I relay them to the coach we now have over the support department to investigate and mentor the agent further if necessary.

As for the Scheduler itself and forum comments, my challenge is to keep it positive and constructive at all times as much as I can. Many posts are like laundry lists and I spent an entire Saturday attempting to sort them into 20+ topics rather than the impossible logjam of two topics (100+ posts deep) that made it difficult to go back and find details. It's not perfect and I will probably take another pass at it when time permits.

Because this is the single largest change we have ever made to the Manager workflow, coupled with the wide variance of actual usage by so many users, we have more variables to address for users than could be anticipated. If you browse the comments they range from 'minimal impact/fix a couple things' to 'major problems'. The variance is driven by how differently users approach it and the expectations they have. We had a significant part of the user base who refused to use the older schedule at all! As painful as it might seem, this is progress. We will continue to reconcile aspects of the old version to the new one to the best of our collective abilities.

I cannot speak directly for the development team but I can assure you that any non-automotive characterizations are not warranted. Please know that this functionality is on the front burner and the updates will keep coming.
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Re: Scheduler 7.0.3 Update

Postby murraymotive » Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:21 am

We updated to 7.0.3 and are now randomly getting this prompt when starting a new RO.

I checked the order and this new order is auto-set to non-taxable.

These are known customers that have a history of many ROs. These are all new instances.

Is this a glitch?
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Re: Scheduler 7.0.3 Update

Postby Silky7 » Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:33 am


There was a defect that was fixed in 7.0.2 that might be causing this situation (depending on how these orders started). When you change ownership of a vehicle now, if going to a non-taxed customer from a taxable one, or vice-versa, you should be prompted about updating the vehicle tax levels to the new customer as well.

If this situation does not apply, please give us a call at support at your earliest convenience.
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