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Options For Loaner Cars - 2nd scheduler?

Options For Loaner Cars - 2nd scheduler?

Postby nessauto » Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:30 am

We have 6 techs and 6 loaner cars. Currently we run the techs on the scheduler only. My thoughts were to add 6 new techs and name them after the loaner cars so we could schedule them too. The only problem is with 12 items on the scheduler it makes them so small you can't read any of them. Has anyone worked on anything like this. How do you schedule your loaner cars? I'd really like to do it electronically in the same program would be great.
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Re: Options For Loaner Cars - 2nd scheduler?

Postby ricmorin » Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:44 am

We track all 5 of our loaners on the new scheduler. Each loaner is a 'customer'. Each loaner gets an 'all day' status; that puts it on the top of the schedule and out of the way of real work. We then modify the subject line to include the customer taking the car. We can easily expand or contract the duration with the scheduler at any time. Openings and conflicts are easily spotted.

example of using the scheduler to track loaner cars

I'm sure there are dozens of ways to do this. Here is just one example. Maybe enough to get your own take on adapting it to fit your shop.
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