Setup Enterprise Supplier providing items for multi shops

Setup Enterprise Supplier providing items for multi shops

Postby M1EnterpriseTech » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:25 am

In an Enterprise/Head Office environment you may need to setup a Supplier that provides items for multiple locations. Please read below:

The key to setting up a supplier to be used by multiple locations is creating the Payable Account at the Enterprise location so that when entries are made on these accounts at the location-level, they go against the Enterprise General Ledger.

Follow these steps to create a new payable with a contact:

    Click on the Enterprise Setup button in the Home ribbon.
    In the left window pane, select Accounting | Accounts Payable
    Click Add from the ribbon to open the Payable Account popup.
    To create a payable account with a contact, check the first box " Create a contact for the new payable account" option | Click Next
    Enter the Contact information, click Next
    Enter all of the information for the account on the General tab.

Note: The steps below are important if you want to make this "Supplier" Contact available across locations as mentioned above.

    Click Location tab, click Action drop-down | Click Add.
    Search for the location, click the location. Click OK
    Click Save to commit your changes.
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