Handling Reward Cards in Enterprise Pro

Handling Reward Cards in Enterprise Pro

Postby M1EnterpriseTech » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:32 am

Please find the following information as an option or work around for handling rewards cards in the system:

1) Setup a Contact Card and Payable Account for the Reward Card Program (i.e., ABC Rewards)

2) When creating a reward card, do a GL Adjustment to the AP Account and any expense account for zero dollars

    a) In the description field...record the name of the customer and the amount of the reward card.
    b) In the AP Account you will have a record of all customers you have given rewards cards to, including the amounts.

3) When redeeming the card at the work order level you have two choices:

    a) Create a method of payment called Reward Cards and pay the card value with that method of payment.
    On a weekly or monthly basis do a GL Adjustment from the Cash Drawer | Rewards Cards to an expense account
    to record the cost to the business


    b) Split bill the invoice to an AR account called Reward Cards and then on a weekly or monthly basis do a credit adjustment to the
    AR account and to the appropriate expense account.

The shop will need to decide which option will work best for their needs.
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