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On an SE Version Older than 7.1???

On an SE Version Older than 7.1???

Postby Johnny5 » Tue May 30, 2017 8:12 am

Look what you are missing:
    Manager SE Changes Since you last updated
    Change of Vehicle Ownership: Implemented a simplified process; software now includes toolbar icon and a wizard to walk the user through steps
    Purchase Order: Comment Line within Purchase Orders will now remember the choice of 'Internal Notes' or 'Note to be included with PO'
    Kilometers: Manager can now be configured to treat odometer values as Kilometers. When launching Maintenance, Kilometers will also be used. Kilometer setting in Setup / Screen View
    New Spell Checker
    Underlines incorrectly spelled words
    Right click on misspelled words to open a context menu that contains the correct spelling
    Dictionary includes common auto/repair terminology.
    Spell Check to Include Uppercase and add custom words
    Sublet: Sublet/Labor within Canned Jobs now include individual options for each tax
    Database Engine: Manager database automatically updated to SQL 2014
    WIP: User may now sort and retain sorting order by Promised, Time In, Completed, and Drop Off
    Save Layout/Settings of the Appointment tab.
    Appointments can now be configured to appear in one of four groups:
    1. Previous: Appointments that have end date before today
    2. Today: Appointments that started today, or started earlier and end today or later
    3. Tomorrow: Appointments that start tomorrow
    4. Future: Appointments beyond tomorrow
    Each group will have a sum of order hours.
    Michigan Invoice with Hours has technician written to disclaimer
    Primary labor technician name prints on Repair Order in lower left disclaimer box of the report
    Added two new reports to support the scheduler
    1. Scheduled Events by Technician.
    2. Scheduled Events Summary.
    Improved Plate-to-VIN lookup
    VIN automatically entered (via Plate to VIN) will check for duplicates before decoding and displays a VIN selector.
    Dragging Appointments to an alternate Labor Tech on the Schedule will modify all Labor Techs on the attached order
    Added a new Schedule option for Default Drop Off Time
    The User can now set a default drop-off time for new appointments, much like the default promised time.
    Added Drop Off Time Value to Work In Progress
    The Drop Off Time has been added to the end of the WIP.
    Added Search/Filter to scheduler view
    Entered filter text shows any appointments matching: Vehicle YMM/License/Vin, Customer First/Last, Subject, Phone, Notes, Email, Technician, Resource, RO/INV#, Hat#. If not matching, the appointment is hidden.
    Medium and Heavy Duty (Class 4 -8) Truck Integration
    This vehicle integration is now available as an option for your SE management system. This allows you to choose Medium & Heavy Duty vehicles when creating vehicle records for customers.
    The integration also enables lookup and transfer of labor operation time from Mitchell 1 Truck Labor.
    The Medium & Heavy Duty option can also provide direct pass-through to look up repair & diagnostic information
    Vehicle Screen Enhancements
    Input for Engine Hours In and Out provided
    Driver notes and telephone number for each vehicle can now be recorded (for drop off/pick up drivers, family association, commercial drivers)
    Vehicle Snapshot displays the number of lifetime invoices, average dollars per invoice, odometer, hours, estimated daily mileage and more on the vehicle screen
    Canned Job searching now reflects any custom vehicles contained in your database as well as filtering out makes & models that you do not currently have any existing canned jobs configured for.
    New 'Open Recalls' button on the Order and Revision screens; displays open recalls for Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles on repair orders. NOTE: A valid VIN must be present and decoded. More coming…
    Merchant Partner 'First Mile' credit card clearing now included
    In addition to traditional credit cards, First Mile processes Merchant Cards, Fleets Cards, Retail Finance Cards, Gift and Loyalty Cards
    More information can be found at
    BackOffice Accounting Link now integrated with Manager SE
    Accounting Link supported by accounting professionals
    Integrates with today's most popular accounting packages
    More information can be found at
    Repair Order templates now include deposits and balance
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